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Nonton film Tutur Tinular III (Pendekar Syair Berdarah) (1992) terbaru

Tutur Tinular III (Pendekar Syair Berdarah) (1992)

Genre: Action
Kualitas: Tahun: Durasi: 79 MenitDilihat: 3.577 views
1 voting, rata-rata 4,0 dari 10

Arya Dwipangga (Baron Hermanto) is disturbing the kingdom of Majapahit in order to wreak revenge on Kamandanu (Sandy Nayoan), while the kingdom assumes that the troublemaker if Mpu Bajil (Wingky Haroen), who is preoccupied with learning the teachings of Aji Segara Geni. As a part of this training, he has already bathed in the blood of seven child descendents of warriors. He is now planning to kidnap the nephew of Kamandanu, Panji (Sawung Sembadha), the child of Dwipangga and Ratih (see Tutur Tinular). A battle ensues between Bajil and Kamandanu, who has been instructed by the king to bring back Bajil’s head. Arya Dwipangga emerges in the midst of this battle, making it a three-sided fight. Panji is rescued, but Kamandanu, who is wounded, requires the assistance of his wife, Sakawuni (Murti Sari Dewi), to get away. Initially, Kamandanu’s wounds were attended to by a traditional healer, who is then killed by Dwipangga. Then Empu Lungga (Deddy Sutomo), who usually tends to Kamandanu’s wounds, along with his daughter (Devi Permatasari), who holds unrequited love for Kamandanu in her heart, succeed in helping the warrior to recover. Kamandanu then assists  Sakawuni who is trying to get a hold of Panji who almost falls victim. Bajil is defeated. Dwipangga reappears. After a brief fight, Panji appears, calling for his father. When he sees the child, Dwipangga does not have the heart to continue the battle. He disappears after swearing that he will never stop bearing a grudge. Bajil is handed over to Majapahit.

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