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Nonton film Pesona Natalia (1986) terbaru

Pesona Natalia (1986)

Genre: Drama
Kualitas: Tahun: Durasi: 90 MenitDilihat: 502 views

Eri is arrested for murder. At that time, he was with his girlfriend, Rita, an orphan who makes a living from singing, and who supports Eri financially. Rita has waited faithfully for Eri’s release for seven years and she even picks him up when he gets out of prison. Eri meets Ayu for the first time when he helps her to replace her car tyre. Eri changes his name to Heru Damanik and starts to see Ayu, a wealthy widow with one child, and he eventually marries her. He is also entrusted to run her company, the legacy of Ayu’s parents. With this success, he meets Rita again to tell her that his plan is to take over the wealth of Ayu. Later, he pushes Ayu into a steep ravine when they are on holiday. He asks Rita to stop singing to take care of Ayu’s daughter, Nanda. Rita actually does not approve his conduct, but she is blinded by love. But Ayu is not dead after being rescued by local villagers. She sells the jewelry she wears for plastic surgery. Then she turns into Natalia, a model and famous mannequin. Heru is attracted to her so Natalia now has a way to get closer to her daughter. But then Daniel, the photographer who helps her career to the top, becomes jealous. So does Rita. Finally, Natalia finds a moment for the payback. She invites Daniel and Rita to her villa at Puncak to celebrate Nanda’s birthday party. But her attempt to kill Heru fails, and the incident reveals her true identity. Heru, who pretends to ask for forgiveness, intends to kill her. Rita and Daniel arrive on the scene. Rita explodes and kills Heru. The film’s director (Nasri Cheppy) plays a role as a reporter who compares the case to a soap opera, “Return to Eden”, which is actually true.

Bahasa:Bahasa Indonesia

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