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Nonton film Obama Anak Menteng (2010) terbaru

Obama Anak Menteng (2010)

SEMUA UMURGenre: Children
Kualitas: Tahun: Durasi: 103 MenitDilihat: 672 views

Barack Obama, or Barry (his childhood name), has been in Jakarta for three years, living in the area of Menteng Dalam. He then moves to the house of his new father, Lolo Soetoro, after his mother, Ann Dunham, divorces from his biological father, Barack Obama Sr, a Kenyan. At the same time, she conceives a baby with Lolo. Here in Menteng, Barry makes friends with his two neighbors, Slamet and Yunardi. Meanwhile, his mother teaches him the history of the United States of America, a subject he does not get at his new school: The State Elementary School of Menteng. Then Barry befriends Turdi, a transvestite who becomes his bicycle driver for school. Once he is involved in a fight with a gang of Carut, who often disturb Barry and friends. We also see how Barry is attracted to his classmate, Rebecca, and how Slamet and Yunardi teach him local Indonesian games. When Slamet accidentally breaks a miniature of the Statue of Liberty, Barry doesn’t get upset but tells Slamet to keep it. Then Ann starts to worry about the roughness of the Menteng neighborhood, so Lolo teaches Barry martial arts for self-defense against the gang of Carut. The gang is finally defeated. Later, Ann is keen to bring Barry back to Honolulu. Ann gives birth to a baby in Menteng, Barry’s stepsister, Maya Soetoro-Ng. Meanwhile, Barry and friends win a football match against the Carut gang, and they all decide to make peace. Barry returns to hear the news that they must move, though he is not too excited. To celebrate the soccer victory, they have a final party. The children, including Rebecca, talk about their dreams and Yunardi predicts that Barry will become a president. A shooting star is seen in the sky but none of them is aware of it. Barry does not have the heart to tell them that he is leaving, and he also tells Turdi to remain silent. Before he leaves, Barry bids Yunardi farewell. His car passes by Slamet on the way to the airpoirt and Barry waves goodbye. Then Turdi tries to explain that Barry is leaving for good but Slamet does not seem to understand and he promises to fix the miniature of the Statue of Liberty. The film ends with Barack Obama, now a president, giving a speech with his wife on his side. Looking at this scene, Slamet holds tightly the miniature Statue of Liberty.