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Nonton film Lutung Kasarung (1983) terbaru

Lutung Kasarung (1983)

Genre: Legend
Kualitas: Tahun: Durasi: 83 MenitDilihat: 1.228 views

Based on the West Java legend; Guru Minda, one of the gods who later becomes Lutung Kasarung, is cursed by his own mother, Sunan Ambu, for his desire to be a human, to find a human wife as beautiful as his mother. So she turns him into a monkey. He will turn back to human only if he meets a woman who loves him. On earth, in the kingdom of Galuh, the daughter of King Galuh, Purbasari, is exiled to the woods for her siblings’ jealousy, especially Purbalarang, who is also the king’s daughter from a concubine. She, with her husband, Indra, have an ambition to inherit the throne of the royal kingdom. In the forest, Purbasari meets and befriends the monkey Lutung Kasarung, who helps her a lot. When Purbasari declares her love, the monkey instantly turns into a human. Meanwhile, Aki Panyumpit is assigned to search for a monkey in the forest to be sacrificed. He meets Guru Minda, who is willing to be sacrificed for the kingdom of Galuh. When the monkey is about to be killed, he suddenly turns against the royal army. Purbalarang is furious and tells Mangkubumi to see Purbasari, to tell the princess, the heir of the kingdom, to dam the lake of Sipatahunan. It turns out that the work can be accomplished with the help of the monkey. Now it is Purbasari’s turn to demand her rights. Finally Purbasari and Guru Minda strike back, reclaim the throne and holds the reins of power.

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