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Nonton film Luntang Lantung (2014) terbaru

Luntang Lantung (2014)

REMAJAGenre: Comedy, Drama
Kualitas: Tahun: Durasi: 88 MenitDilihat: 4.482 views

Ari Budiman (Dimas Anggara) with his friends, Togar Simanjuntak (Lolox) and Suketi (Muhadkly Acho), face a classic problem after completion of study: finding a job. Suketi accepts a job in a company, but not Ari, while Togar chooses to open a workshop.

Jobless makes Ari Budiman discouraged. Tiur, Togar’s sister, continues to encourage him. Ari then works at Glory Oil, who he assumes a big oil companies, but it turns out only a lubircant distributor. So he is a lubricant salesman.

Having experienced the difficulty as a lubricant salesman, Ari is called to fill the position of IT Manager. It turns out that the company makes a wrong call. It should be another Ari Budiman. Unintentional mistake is maximized by Ari.

As an IT Manager, he has some crews, great pay, a room, and more importantly: beautiful girl named Bella ( Kimberly Ryder ) who always tease him in the office.

Unconscously Ari changes. Tiur which has always stood by him, chooses to return to Medan. Friendship with Togar and Suketi slips away. Ari decides to restore his lost life.