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Nonton film Love (2008) terbaru

Love (2008)

DEWASAGenre: Drama
Kualitas: Tahun: Durasi: 126 MenitDilihat: 4.633 views
5 voting, rata-rata 8,0 dari 10

Rama, a print shop worker, helps Lin to search for her boyfriend in Jakarta. Instead, they find their own paths growing closer. Tere, a successful female writer meets Awin, a bookshop clerk and falls in love. But Awin’s fear to love surfaces so Tere has to teach him how to relax. Meanwhile, Restu and Dinda fall in love at first sight. But they are only together for a short time before Dinda leaves forever though their love stays undying. Then there is Gilang and Miranda, a young couple with an autistic child, Icha. Their worries cause them to accept that there is a problem in their marriage. When Gilang lets Miranda go, he finds true love unexpectedly. Fate brings them all together in the middle of Jakarta’s urban jungle.