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Nonton film Lari Dari Blora (2008) terbaru

Lari Dari Blora (2008)

DEWASAGenre: Drama
Kualitas: Tahun: Durasi: 96 MenitDilihat: 688 views
1 voting, rata-rata 5,0 dari 10

Cintya (Annika Kuyper), an American NGO activist, is doing a research about Samin community in a region between Pati and Blora. At the same time, two amateur criminals, Bongkeng (Andreano Philip) and Sudrun (Octav Kriwil) run away from Blora prison and choose the village of Samin as their hiding place. In the village, there is Ramadian (Iswar Kelana), a teacher, who tries to send all Samin children go to school. However, the effort is resisted by the head of the village (Soultan Saladin) who wants to make Samin community as a cultural preservation and make the village become a unique place to attract attention of many institutions to give aids and funds. Meanwhile, there is an obligation relationship between Ramadian and Cintya which makes Hasana, fellow teacher of Ramadian, becomes jealous. There is also another teenage love story between Heru (Fadli Fuad) and Wati (Tina Astari). The conflict between Ramadian and the head of the village becomes worse. In addition there are intelligence agents who judge the village as a refuge. They suspect to the village’s presbytery, Simbah (WS Rendra) and Samin people protect the fugitives and also suspect them as a heretical group. There is a rumor that Samin is the line of criminals and a potential area of terrorist hideout, and also the place of activity of both local and foreign NGO. Eventually, a security operation is held there

Tagline:lari dari blora
Bahasa:Bahasa Indonesia

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