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Nonton film Hantu Jeruk Purut Reborn (2017) terbaru

Hantu Jeruk Purut Reborn (2017)

17 TAHUN KE ATASGenre: Horror
Kualitas: Tahun: Durasi: 76 MenitDilihat: 9.168 views
1 voting, rata-rata 4,0 dari 10

Jenny’s father passes away and berried at Jeruk Purut cemetery. The funeral process goes smoothly, but there is something wrong after they return to their homes. Farah, Jenny’s friend, feels followed by a figure of a supernatural being. She tells Jenny and Reno, but they just think it’s a joke and do not believe it. That disbelief makes them to receive the rewards. They are haunted. Reno believes Airin can help them, because 10 years ago, Airin had dealings with the ghost of Jeruk kurut. But Airin is still traumatized and does not want to help them. Reno invites Farah and Jenny to go directly to Jeruk Purut. In the middle of the road, a frightened Farah is killed in a car crash. Airin, who heard the news of Farah’s death, goes to see Reno and Jenny and provides information about the priest’s ghost. The priest ghost is angry because a pair of rings kept by his descendants are separated. Reno and Jenny’s task now is to bring the pair together.

Bahasa:Bahasa indonesia