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Nonton film Gending Sriwijaya (2013) terbaru

Gending Sriwijaya (2013)

Genre: Action, Drama
Kualitas: Tahun: Durasi: 138 MenitDilihat: 4.815 views
4 voting, rata-rata 5,0 dari 10

It’s the Archipelago in the 16th century. Three centuries after the fall of Sriwijaya, there emerge small kingdoms vying for each other. Kedatuan Bukit Jerai is one of them, led by Dapunta Hyang Mahawangsa with his consort, Ratu Kalimanyang. They have two sons, Awang Kencana and Purnama Kelana. The aging Dapunta Hyang chooses Purnama Kelana as his successor, believing that Purnama is a highly intellectual, smart and visionary young man more than his brother Awang Kencana who relies on his potency and military prowess.

Awang learns about it and is very disappointed. He then frames Purnama for their father’s murder. He arrests Purnama and puts him into jail. With the help of healers and his bestfriends, Purnama flees. Awang’s troops chase him until he’s cornered at the edge of a cliff. Inevitably Purnama falls down to the river and gets swept away in the current. Awang’s troops think he’s dead.

Purnama is saved by Malini, Ki Goblek’s daughter. Ki Goblek is a leader of a band of robbers. His real name is Kendra Kenya and he used to be a tumenggung (regent) in Kedatuan Bukit Jerai. Approximately 30 years ago he helped young Dapunta gained power there. The chaos ensuing Dapunta’s treason forced Ki Goblek to run away to the forest. There he harbored revenge and established the band of robbers who roams Bukit Jerai.

After the death of Dapunta Hyang Mahawangsa, Awang is inaugurated as the king. Awang then ordered his troops to exterminate Ki Goblek’s men. They are destroyed and Ki Goblek dies. Only Purnama, Malini and the songket weavers which are the widows of the robbers are left. All of those weavers are women with potency.

Those ten people plan a retaliation to the center of Kedatuan Bukit Jerai. They infiltrate the kingdom and usurp the throne.