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Nonton film Garasi (2006) terbaru

Garasi (2006)

Kualitas: Tahun: Durasi: 113 MenitDilihat: 2.883 views
3 voting, rata-rata 6,5 dari 10

Gaya, Aga and Awan form a band, Garasi, to promote alternative rock. They are supported by the D’Lawas music store, the place where true music lovers hang out. But their background differences become an obstacle in their band dynamics, although their music is widely accepted. Gaya lives only with her mother, Kinar, after the latter’s separation. Gaya is the child of an extramarital affair. Meanwhile, Aga’s family comes from a traditional musician community and Awan, who has been living in Japan, returns to Bandung to start his own career. Aga has feelings for Gaya even though the latter ignores it. On the other hand, Gaya’s closeness with Awan makes Aga jealous. They even fight for her. In the end, Gaya goes away and Aga looks for her.

Bahasa:Bahasa Indonesia

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