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3 Pejantan Tanggung (2010)

REMAJAGenre: Comedy, Drama
Kualitas: Tahun: Durasi: 80 MenitDilihat: 1.813 views
1 voting, rata-rata 5,0 dari 10

Angga, Kris, and Harta are friends who are full-time hedonists. Even though their thesis defense is in two weeks, they are still busy getting drunk. When they wake up from their hangover, they are shocked to find themselves on a boat in the middle of Borneo! They panic and run into a group of Dayak men (a native tribe of Borneo), and become prisoners of the tribe. Upon their arrival at the village, Angga manages to set fire to the hut of Riana, the chieftain’s daughter. As punishment they have to rebuild the hut. Then Handoyo, a rich businessman, tries to buy the village land from the chieftain as he plans to mine for gold. The chieftain rejects the offer so Handoyo burns their forest in retaliation. Ironically, this causes the three friends to be expelled from the village for bringing fire again to the tribe’s property.

Bahasa:Bahasa indonesia

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