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Nonton film 21 Jump Street (2012) terbaru

21 Jump Street (2012)

RGenre: Action, Comedy, Crime
Kualitas: Tahun: Durasi: 109 MenitDilihat: 1.845 views
4870 voting, rata-rata 6,8 dari 10

In high school, Schmidt was a dork and Jenko was the popular jock. After graduation, both of them joined the police force and ended up as partners riding bicycles in the city park. Since they are young and look like high school students, they are assigned to an undercover unit to infiltrate a drug ring that is supplying high school students synthetic drugs.

Tagline:They thought the streets were mean. Then they went back to high school.
Anggaran:$ 42.000.000,00
Pendapatan:$ 201.585.328,00