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Nonton film 1 Cinta di Bira (2016) terbaru

1 Cinta di Bira (2016)

Genre: Drama
Kualitas: Tahun: Durasi: 83 MenitDilihat: 2.014 views

Iqbal (Fauzan Nasrul) does not return home for six years. He prefers a career in Jakarta than to resume the family business of building phinisi ship. The death of his father makes Iqbal to return to Bira. He is mandated to continue pinisi ship business.

Iqbal who’ve drowned in the sea Bira in childhood gets trauma. He slips and falls again into the sea while visiting his father’s place of business. When awake, Iqbal sees a beautiful woman smiling at him. He think the woman is the “keeper of the sea” who once helped him. Iqbal falls in love with the woman named Devi, daughter of Uncle Rustam, a friend of his father.

Iqbal wants to sell the ship business and brings Devi and his mother to Jakarta. His intention is halted by Enre and Olla. Iqbal gives up when Olla shows the beauty of Bira and tells the struggle of his father to build Bira. Iqbal is in doubt to sell the business and moves to Jakarta. His heart is also undecided to choose Devi or Olla.